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The world is overrun by Ru girl clones, snatch 'm! · By Llidditch


Recent updates

BenDeLaCreme Added! Plus...
You can now set the floor and battle background colors to less saturated in the options menu, you can also set the battle background to nearly white. Added som...
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Fixed confusion reflecting damage.
Confusion is supposed to make you or your opponent miss, I left it affecting talent when I changed talent to affect your reflect damage chance instead of your...
1 file
High miss chance changed into low ruflect damage chance!
The low ruflect damage chance can be raised by adding points to talent...
1 file
Monét added! Also speed options.
You can now pause or speed up fights...
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The world is overrun by Ru girl clones, snatch 'm!
Added some much needed explanations and...
Changed the quinimon in the workroom so you won't get stunned when just starting the game...
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Yara added!
Yara added and fixed a bug I accidentally added yesterday where newly snatched queens weren't switchable until after a KO...
1 file
Health 0 after team healed bug should be fixed
Some other bug fixes too. Yara is coming soon...
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The world is overrun by Ru girl clones, snatch 'm!
Nina and Cynthia added!
That leaves two more miss congenialities (Yara and BenDeLaCreme) and by the time they will be finished I bet the season 10 winners will be known...
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